About Seafra Armada

Seafra Armada products and services are designed to meet client challenges for lifecycle of the well, ensuring cost optimization and maximum recovery.

We provide formation evaluation services with the industry’s most comprehensive and technologically advanced portfolio, from early well planning to reservoir management services, including petroleum consulting, core analysis, surface logging, well site geochemistry, logging while drilling (LWD), and wireline. Our full suite of formation evaluation services has broad applications across all types of reservoirs. We have strategically integrated tools, technologies, systems, and talent focused on unlocking the potential of unconventional resources. In collaboration with clients, we integrate drilling techniques such as cutting-edge rotary steerable systems, high-performance drilling motors, and directional drilling, with the world’s leading capability in managed-pressure drilling and our formation evaluation capabilities to optimize well placement and recovery. Our focus is on optimizing the drilling process.

In today’s complex drilling environments, our focus is on helping clients ensure well integrity for the full life cycle of the well—using reliable casing and tubing strings, cementation design, reliable liner top isolation, and methods that ensure the well reaches total depth in the best condition possible. Our well-construction portfolio accommodates a wide range of operating scenarios to ensure process safety, minimize nonproductive time, and enhance reservoir deliverability.

We provide a complete range of products and services for onshore and offshore markets, from unconventional reservoirs onshore to deepwater critical-service completions. Our expert advice on completion design and engineering ensures process integrity and flow for the life of the field. Our cementing and stimulation packages ensure wellbore integrity and the safe, effective stimulation needed to access and recover critical reserves. Class-leading upper completion products and services—and innovative lower completion tools and techniques—increase recovery without sacrificing reliability. Our stimulation fleet is one of the newest, most robust in the industry. Our team of experienced chemists, engineers, and service technicians design and blend the optimal solution to meet each client’s stimulation needs.